Key Tips for Balancing a Busy Schedule

These could change your life

Time, we are always racing against it even though it never stops. It is seamless, so one wrong move and your schedule might be backed up or you may miss an event. I understand that we are not perfect and that things happen, but it is always best to be prepared for any situation and create a balance in our lives. With this, I am going to dive into some tactics I use to stay on top of my busy schedule, and share some tips I have found are considered best practices for balancing your busy schedule!

How I Balance My Schedule

Now that we know what my schedule may look like on any given day, what is the secret to how I balance it out? I want to say it is pretty simple (at least for me) in how I stay on top of my day to day events / to-do’s. To start it off, I plan my weeks out every Sunday, and use my own app Habite to draw out a day to day plan for the given week. This helps maintain myself to a specific time for every task I need to get done (aside from work). To add to this, I do use another tool that I find extremely helpful for myself, and that tool is a whiteboard! It allows me to see bigger events for any given day the second I wake up. Using these two minimal tools side by side, I am able to maintain my crazy schedule of work and some personal time! It might not be perfect (right now), but I have been adding to it with being a little more hard on myself especially through some of the tips I will share below!

Tips for Balancing Your Schedule

1. Put that Phone Away :)

2. Prepare Your Days

3. Take Action

Wrapping It Up

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